Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moving and other stuff

Nothing much to report these days. We are in the middle of packing right now to move into our new place 1/30. As some of you may know, our living arrangements are not what most people call the norm. Since last July it has been Me and Hunter and Mandy and Ethan in a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment. Hunter and Ethan are half brothers. Both of the boys were only children until then. It is kind of cool that they can have a relationship and kind of trying at the same time. Mandy and I have always gotten along so well so the boys would know each other since that is the only way they were going to have a relationship. Well we finally are moving into a bigger place. I will have my own room...Mandy will have her own room...and the boys will share a room. I am soooo looking forward to not having to share my bed with Hunter. Good thing it is king size, but still for some reason he feels it is a must to "snuggle" with his mom during the night. I think the thing I am most looking forward to is the fact that 4 people will not be getting ready in the morning in 1 bathroom! Now just to give you a little idea about how much fun we have had in the morning I will tell you our routine.

5:30 AM Mandy's alarm goes off (usually she doesn't make it out of bed then though so that starts off bad)
5:45 AM I listen for the water in the shower to start running. If it is running that is great if it isn't running that means we will all be late for work and school.
6:00 AM Still listening for the water...I have to be in the shower by 6:10 AM so that I can dry and straighten my hair. Keep in mind here are 2 girls that have curly hair that has to be straightened on a daily basis.
6:10 AM Get out of bed and jump in the shower and wait for the doors to start being slammed because Mandy didn't wake up on time...LOL. Ok maybe that is not the whole truth, but if Mandy is not in the shower by 5:30 AM her chance is over.
6:20 AM I am taking a shower with the door open because it can not be humid in the bathroom at all while we are straightening our hair.
6:35 AM We are both using the same straightener because I have to blow dry 1 section at a time and straighten it as I go. Sometimes we are waiting on each other to use it. I am sure you can imagine.
6:50 AM I am getting dressed and sometimes putting make-up on and Mandy is still jacking with her hair.

Oh somewhere in here I am boiling 4 eggs for our breakfast and packing our lunch.

7:00 AM Hoping that the boys got themselves dressed, me and Ethan are walking out the door for him to go to school and eat breakfast. During this time Mandy is finishing up with getting ready.
7:15 AM I drive back to the apartment and hope that Mandy is ready by this time so we can leave for work.

Now this is our routine most of the time, but there are times when we do not leave the house until 7:25 AM like this morning. Another good thing about us living together is we carpool. I work in Downtown Fort Worth so Mandy drops me off hopefully by 7:30 AM (which is when I am supposed to be there) and then she continues on to work in Haltom City by 8:00 AM. Mandy gets off work at 5:00 PM and comes to pick me up by 5:30 PM.

Now do you see why we need 2 bathrooms????

Well just thought I would let you know a day in the life of our house. I hope that you all have a wonderful rest of the week and stay safe!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo Session

So in the middle of December Hunter and I had a photo session in Keller. My bestest friend Larami took the pictures and I think she did a wonderful job. Yes she does photography as a side job and after our day I know exactly why she does it. She is good and loves taking pictures. Here are a few pictures out of 160ish.

Christmas Party 2008

I know I know I am posting old events, but it was good times...

Left to Right:Me, Robbie, Chamari (short), Lauren (back), Azure, and Bryan
Drew Pearson and I hangin' out talkin about the Cowboys. Notice that I am wearing his 1977 Super Bowl ring.


So I am not really very good at writing, but I figured this will help post some pictures and also get in touch with some of my life long friends. A few new things going on in my life that I would like to write about so what better way than this??? I will work on something very soon to start this patient!